Dr. Martens

Few brands are so loved by so many subcultures and generations: Dr. Martens!

Size information

All feet are different! We measure the insoles of all models ourselves, the lengths of which can be found in our size chart. So this is not the length of the foot, you need room to move.

Are you in between sizes? Then the larger size with a sole is more comfortable. Would you rather try on? Come visit our store in Assendelft, where you can try our entire collection!

Some fans will have shoes with only UK sizes on them. We sell the shoes in EU sizes, which correspond to the following UK sizes:

EU36 UK3 US Women 5
EU37 UK4 US Women 6
EU38 UK5 US Women 7
EU 39 UK6 US Women's 8 - US Men's 7
EU40 UK 6.5 US Women 8.5 - US Men 7.5
EU 41 UK7 US Women's 9 - US Men's 8
EU 42 UK8 US Women's 10 - US Men's 9
EU 43 UK 9 US Women's 11 - US Men's 10
EU 44 UK 9.5 US Men 10.5
EU45 UK10 US Men 11
EU 46 UK 11 US Men 12

Walk in

It's not without reason that we say 'once you've worn it in, you don't want anything else'! Dr. Martens is made of high-quality but stiff materials, which means that breaking in is often a must. The length of this period varies for everyone. Because yes, how much do you walk, how sensitive are your feet, what are you used to?

Tips for catching up on your Docs:

  • Be patient: Exercise for fifteen minutes on the first day and build it up.
  • Wear thick socks that will reduce friction. Don't forget to widen the laces a little to prevent your foot from pinching.
  • Do you know your sensitive spots or do you feel the chafing? Blister plasters are good to prevent blisters.
  • Does the leather feel just too tight (by this we do not mean too small a size)? Then wear socks that you have moistened with lukewarm water, which will cause the leather to expand.

Do you want to walk in less? Then choose the remarkably soft Virginia leather, you won't know what you will feel!

Materials and maintenance

Most of our Docs are made from bovine leather, which is sourced primarily from North and South America (according to the Dr. Martens website 'the largest beef producing regions in the world and as such they have one of the world's highest standards of husbandry and animal welfare '). Because Docs are often made from natural materials, there may be slight differences in color, patterns and prints. This makes them even more individual and special!

Vegan: Is Vegan in the name? Then the article is 100% animal-free!

Lacquer: Formerly for school shoes, nowadays cool and seductive: patent lacquer! Paint is more sensitive to scratches and wrinkles are also normal, because paint does not become more flexible.

Especially for the maintenance of Dr. Martens we sell Wonder Balm: a natural and synthetic wax that has been specially developed to nourish, care for and protect the leather. The formula keeps most leathers soft and supple without polishing.

  • Rub a little Wonder Balm on the outside of your boot to soften the leather
  • This product gives your shoes a protective layer and a subtle shine
  • Can be used on all types of leather except suede
  • No polishing required

Docs are real workhorses and not show ponies: creases where the shoe folds are normal. Do you have problems within 6 months after purchase? Please contact us at service@succubus.nl

It is not without reason that Dr. Martens iconic! As a true Doc fan, do you have any tips or tricks? Share them at service@succubus.nl and we will include them!